Canada geese on the beautiful Sciota River
In between visits Deanna and I explored some of the area’s natural place. We didn’t have to go far though to see Deannna’s favorite – Canada Geese. There were Canada geese in the ponds right outside of our motel and a pair of Canada geese nesting across the street in a grassy area near a shopping plaza. We saw our first Ohio fox! A red fox dashed out of the woods, saw us coming and dashed back in.
On a Saturday we visited the Columbus Zoo. It is one of the nicest zoos I’ve ever been to and has the best Manatee exhibit we’ve ever seen. We walked and walked and walked and walked to see the manatees and the elephants and then we walked and walked to see the gorillas and then we walked to see the reptile house. By mid-afternoon I was all walked out. Deanna was ready to walk around some more.
Once again Ohio made us feel at home. Thank you all!