—————————The Grand Four State Book Tour—————————

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Deanna on boardwalk in Cedar Bog

   On our way to Cincinnati to visit Edyth B. Linder Elementary School, Deanna and I stopped to hike through Cedar Bog natural area. What a beautiful place! So lush and green and special. We saw many species of plants that do not grow anywhere else in Ohio.
    The Edyth B. Linder students were very attentive and fun to speak to. At lunch we had pizza and listened as a teacher read from many students award winning creative writings.
    From Ohio to New Jersey! In Wyckoff NJ, I spoke to students at the Abraham Lincoln school. The theme of the school was “Under the Sea” and the walls were decorated with drawings by the students. There were some nice turtle figurines in a showcase in the school hall. The classes sang along with me and one group sang “Sail Around the Island” for us.
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Trillium at Cedar Bog.

    At Calvin Coolidge school I spoke to 400 students. They wereall so responsive and expressive. I had a great time watching them react to the stories I told.
    In Ridgewood New Jersey I visited Travell, Somerville, Ridge, and Orchard schools. At Travell, K-3rd graders sat attentively as I drew pictures and played my guitar. Somerville K-5th graders sang the Crinkelroot song beautifully with me. At Ridge school the bulletin board was covered with rattlesnakes! Not real ones. These were made by the students. The students also used my videos to learn how to draw deer, and some students did their own “All About” books inspired by mine. I sang the Rattlesnake Dance for the K-1 group.
Orchard School students made me a beautiful book about Crabs and Lobsters. And I put it on my guitar case for all the classes to see.